Twin Cities Drupal Camp - External Design Systems in Practice

Speaker Session

We hope session attendees have a better understanding of when using an external design system could benefit your project, along with a clearer understanding of how this approach could be implemented - both in projects using Twig and a projects using a mix of templating engines.

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In reviewing this rebranding effort, Perry will take a closer look at our approach to a shared design system, including:

  • The structure of our design system repository
  • Requiring the design system in your Drupal project as a composer dependency
  • Workflow and managing releases
  • Using Twig components in WordPress with the Timber Plugin
  • Challenges and areas for future improvement

He'll also explore approaches to using a shared design system on decoupled Drupal projects, including:

  • Sharing styles between Drupal and React using CSS Modules
  • The role of a shared design system in projects that use multiple templating engines


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