Design4Drupal - Hot JAMS(tack): Building a Music Discovery App with Drupal and React

Speaker Session

Hot JAMS(tack) Reunion Tour Edition - in addition to a project overview, this encore presentation will cover what has changed in the React and Decoupled Drupal landscape since the original version of this app was created (spoiler alert: tons of things have changed.)

Learn from one developer's experience - Bounteous' Brian Perry - building a music discovery app with Drupal 8 and React, soundtracked by the hottest jams of 2018.

Event Details

This talk is for people who are are interested in decoupled Drupal but unsure where to start, people who find it helpful to learn from real world decoupled projects, or even just people taking a Slowdive into decoupled Drupal concepts who want to avoid some poor developer's rookie mistakes. Experienced React developers are unlikely to learn something new about React here, but will better understand how Drupal could be a viable option to serve their front-end work.


About Design4Drupal

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