SMX Advanced 2017 - SEM Analytics: Giving Your Educated Guesses An Advanced Degree

Speaker Session

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This event occurred on Wed, Jun 14, 2017

Bell Harbor Convention Center, 2211 Alaskan Way, Seattle

Andrew Garberson spoke during SMX Advanced 2017 on the subject of SEM Analytics: Giving Your Educated Guesses An Advanced Degree.

Session Details

We often end up relying on educated guesses to justify ad spend, no matter how hard we try to understand SEM campaign attribution across devices, channels, and networks.

This session covered:

  • Identify tactics for making better decisions from messy, complex data.
  • Generate better analytics data by deciding what's important and relevant.
  • Discuss how to work around data imperfections, blind spots, and ambiguities.
  • Show how to tease actionable insights from analytics.
  • Generate reports that demonstrate your findings with crystal clarity.