Getting Value From The Google Marketing Platform

GoogleGoogle Marketing Platform

With the recent changes to the Google Marketing Platform (GMP), we have new tools, new names, and new ways to solve problems. During this webinar, Michael Bartholow and Jon Meck walk through the value of each tool and demonstrate how the various tools seamlessly connect.

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Michael and Jon were joined by Maria Comstock from the Platform Partners team at Google who discussed how GMP customers are achieving success with the platform.

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Bounteous provides an executive overview of the new Google Marketing Platform (GMP). Director of Marketing and Education Michael Bartholow discusses the value that can be achieved by using the tools of GMP,  demonstrates how the various tools seamlessly connect to make management easier, and talks through the various timelines organizations can use when deciding which tools to implement and when. 



Michael Bartholow
Director of Marketing and Education
Jon Meck
VP of Marketing