Experience Design Open House


What an amazing turnout! We invited the Denver creative community into our space for a night of networking, portfolio reviews, and a great talk from content strategist Rosamund Lannin, Medium Meets Message.
Rosamund shared the basics of content strategy – that while copywriting is a part of it, it’s a much larger practice – and walked through two content makeovers with the audience. We saw a lot of great ideas from the crowd on how companies could improve the ways they communicate with their key audiences.
During the Open House, Bounteous Experience Design team members held one-on-one portfolio reviews. These 15-minute sessions were incredibly beneficial for attendees and reviewers alike; we heard great questions on how people need to present their work, what hiring managers look for, and the challenges of showing work when one is new in the field.
We were thrilled to host such a great group of people, and are looking forward to our next community event here in the Mile High City!

Missed the event? Read Tips for Polishing Up Your Design Portfolio from our Experience Design team. 

This event has happened already

Content strategy goes beyond copywriting (though that is part of it!). Content strategy focuses on the planning, creation, delivery, and governance of content: what information is being provided, how it should sound, and what that means in the context of your website or application. In this talk, Bounteous content strategist Rosamund Lannin explores the basics of the discipline, walks through real-life examples, and leads a content mini-makeover.

As a part of this open house, you can sign up for a 1-on-1 session to get invaluable insight from someone who reviews portfolios as a part of their job. We ask that attendees come prepared with a laptop or tablet, and have their portfolios accessible in a digital form.


Rosamund Lannin
Senior Content Strategist