Conference - Drupal Midcamp - Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager 101

Google | Drupal | Google Analytics | Google Tag Manager

Learn to collect richer, more customizable data on your Drupal site during our Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager 101 training at Drupal MidCamp 2019. 

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager 101
March 20, 9:00am - 5:00pm

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Have you been tasked with implementing Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager in order to collect data related to your Drupal site? Perhaps in the past, you’ve seen this process consist of enabling the Google Tag Manager module (or alternatively the Google Analytics Module) and calling it a day. Have you been left with the sneaking suspicion that you could be doing more and collecting richer data as a result? Or maybe you’ve been looking for more insight into how the data that you are collecting is actually used for analysis. If so, this training is for you.