DAA Event - Measuring and Testing UX the Right Way


Thank you for joining us at 1871 as our panel of experts shared their experiences on what it takes to run an optimization program. Our experts talked on their real-life experience including challenges and learnings to help attendees gain an understanding of how to choose the right people and build a team so you can measure and test UX in a meaningful way.

For additional resources on implementing A/B tests check out our blog posts, 6 Free CRO Tools for UX and A/B Testing and 8 Best Practices for Starting Your A/B Testing.

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Measuring and testing user experience is not easy — despite a multitude of blog articles claiming to provide tips, tricks, and traps for A/B testing. A quick google search of A/B testing returns many articles with titles such as:

  • 60 Easy A/B Testing Ideas You can Run Today to Boost Conversions
  • 13 Dumb A/B Testing Mistakes That Are Wasting Your Time
  • The Ultimate Guide to A/B Testing

Google found 782 million results. Despite the well-meaning intention of all of these articles, they don’t address the one truth that optimization experts understand: A/B Testing is hard to do right. You need the designer to create the variations in the experience, the data scientist to ensure you have the data to predict if you are going down the right path, and the optimization expert who knows the tool and can help you understand the results of your effort.


Carrie Krischer
VP, Experience Design
Sean McQuaide
Director, Marketing Strategy