Adobe Summit 2019 - AEM Rock Star

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During the third annual Adobe Experience Manager Rock Star event at Adobe Summit 2019. Finalists from around the world who submitted tips competed in live demos with a winner chosen in real time. We're proud to say Mark Adamcin, Lead Architect with Bounteous, is the 2019 Adobe Experience Manager Rock Star. He was named AEM Rock Star at Adobe Summit on Wednesday, March 27, following his live demonstration of “OakPAL Interactive.”

OakPAL is a powerful new framework for analysis and validation of FileVault content packages. During the presentation, Admancin showed how to add the oakpal-maven-plugin to an existing AEM Maven project, and how to enable the compatibility checklist provided by ACS AEM Commons. Admancin also demonstrated how to quickly create a javascript check to find common issues with template and component development during the build.

This event has happened already

The finalists of the globe-wide Adobe Experience Manager Rock Star search will share their smoking hot tips, tricks, and strategies. These tips are sure to raise the roof and enable you to positively impact your business. Each participant gets a set number of minutes to talk about a business challenge and do a live demo of how they used Experience Manager and other Experience Cloud solutions to solve it. Come have a blast as you're entertained and deepen your digital marketing repertoire to become your company’s very own Experience Manager rock star. And find out who this year’s winner is during the session!