Meetup - Drupal Chicago - Let Users Pick the Fields They See


Thank you for joining the Bounteous and Drupal Chicago Meetup at the Bounteous Ravenswood office June 5, 2019. A special thank you to our Meetup speaker, Daniel Cothran, Drupal Team Lead and Digital Strategist at John Snow, Inc., and his discussion of the topic, "Let Users Pick the Fields They See." 

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Exposed filters allow your site visitors to limit the number of items in a View. They are well established, with an ecosystem of contributed modules, such as Better Exposed Filters. However, what do you do if you want to allow users to dynamically limit the number of items or displayed fields? The Views Fields On/Off module is the only Drupal 8 module that gives users this ability. It was authored by Jack Franks and ported for Drupal 8 by Daniel Cothran (who are both in Chicago). Daniel will present how the module works and show a few creative examples of how you might use it for your own sites.