O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference - Shaping and Communicating Architecture

Speaker Session

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This event occurred on Tue, Jun 11, 2019

San Jose Convention Center, 150 W San Carlos St., San Jose

Seth Dobbs spoke at the San Jose O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference June 11, 2019, on Shaping and Communicating Architecture. 

For architects and tech leads that have trouble getting their development team to buy into their approach, see the issues they bring to the business owner shot down, or experience a disconnect with the design team resulting in being given designs that can’t be built on time and on budget, Seth Dobbs gives you the tools and strategies to become a more effective communicator by discussing:

  • The role of architects and tech leads and what we need to communicate
  • Our different stakeholders and what they need to know
  • A process for shaping and communicating solutions
  • Different communication (and listening) styles and how to effectively alter your style to be better heard