Conversions Summit NYC - Workshop: The Human-Side of Experimentation


Who's ready to get to work(shop)?! Jon Meck and Amanda Ruzin will host a workshop July 31 at the Google Conversions Summit in New York City on "The Human-Side of Experimentation."

When it comes to testing, even digitally-mature organizations tend to get bogged down in the technical details — what can we test and how can we test it, etc. This workshop will explore the human-side of testing and optimization, focusing on a full customer experience and optimizing the digital touchpoints that can occur throughout. Participate in exercises around idea generation to experiment selection, and discuss how testing can lead to sustainable improvements in customer experience and ultimately higher conversions. Walk away with tips and resources for creating a collaborative testing culture, breaking down silos, and garnering internal support and executive buy-in.

Event Details

Join Google in NYC on July 30th and 31st for their first ever Conversions Summit in the Americas! The event theme is: How to increase mobile conversions.

Attendees will hear from leading industry experts on topics such as conversion rate optimization, data & analytics for user experience, mobile product design, and Google's perspective on the importance of user-friendly mobile experiences.