San Francisco September AEM Meetup

Adobe | Adobe Experience Manager

Join us Thursday, September 26 as we discuss recent happenings in the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) community, share exciting projects, and exchange ideas.

Our evening will begin with a brief welcome and introduction, followed by a discussion led by Marc Infield highlighting the importance of continuously improving the Adobe ecosystem, and the various ways you can continue to contribute to its success. Marc will pay special attention to the benefits of contributing to and using ACS AEM Commons

Next on the agenda, Mark Adamcin, 2019 AEM Rock Star winner, will share his award-winning OakPAL solution. His presentation will highlight use cases and how you can implement OakPAL. 

Our presentations will conclude with Informatica’s Sunayana Amraji, Principal Application Engineer, and Nidhi Jain, Sr. Business Systems Analyst. They will share a recent refactoring project and the addition of multiple properties to their AEM instance, completed in partnership with Bounteous.

Each speaker will allow time for questions, and we will hold time at the end of networking and additional discussion. 

Event Details

The goal of SF-AEM is to give the community a forum to discuss, interact, and contribute to the AEM community through valuable, informal interaction. The group is open to all AEM users regardless of level or background. Throughout the night, we will touch on a variety of topics relevant to authors, developers, and businesses.


Marc Infield
VP of Digital Experience Platforms
Mark Adamcin
Lead Architect