Webinar - Monetizing Insights with Experiential Commerce


Bounteous Director of Drupal Engineering Chris Greatens, Acquia Product Marketing Manager Maggie Schroeder, and Elastic Path Director of Pre-Sales Product Experience Lee Trotter hosted a webinar October 10 on Monetizing Insights with Experiential Commerce. 

During this webinar they covered:

  • How to offer relevant, orchestrated journeys so the moment of conversion doesn’t represent a departure from or conclusion of the experience, but rather a segway to deeper engagement
  • How analytics and a single view of cross-channel transactions can shape hyper-focused experiences
  • How API-based commerce powered by Elastic Path can interact with Acquia solutions to embed monetization opportunities in customer experiences
  • How sectors like industrial manufacturing, healthcare, and consumer services take advantage of this experiential paradigm

This event has happened already

Organizations are used to engaging their customers through the dated concept of a linear conversion funnel and struggle to offer contextual experiences that minimize the opportunities for attrition in today’s connected world. With experience management solutions powered by Drupal such as Acquia Lift and Journey, you can orchestrate personalized interactions that target users with segmented content, while also leveraging Google Analytics to ensure the bespoke engagement offered is based on user behavior.

The true power of these hyper-focused experiences can be fully unlocked for your organization when transactional offers are surfaced seamlessly at the right point of the customer journey via Elastic Path, the most robust API-based commerce system.


Jim Biermeier
VP, Business Development