DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019 - Building Your Legos: A Practitioner’s Guide to Building Reusable Components

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This event occurred on Tue, Oct 29, 2019

Chris Greatens spoke at DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019 during his session, "Building Your Legos: A Practitioner’s Guide to Building Reusable Components."

If you've built several Drupal websites, you've undoubtedly noticed that all websites share some common components. Building these components over and over again loses its luster and, more importantly, distracts you from building the really unique and interesting components of the site. Instead of reinventing the wheel with every Drupal site you build, wouldn’t it be great if you could build these components once and leverage them across multiple sites?

At Bounteous, we've built a library of reusable components to build Drupal sites. The components are versatile, flexible, and easy to update. This session focused on how we built the reusable components and how we use them to efficiently build Drupal sites.

Attendees learned how to:

  • Build components that can be used across Drupal sites.
  • Configure the components to be installed and updated using Composer.
  • Structure components to be usable as Blocks or Paragraphs.
  • Add visual flexibility to the components to fit any site design.



Chris Greatens
SVP, Open Platforms