Acquia Engage 2019 - Breakout Session: Acquia + Artificial Intelligence: Powering Deeper Personalization Demo

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Strategy | Technology

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Delivering customized digital experiences based on a visitor's unique characteristics and browsing behavior has been shown — time and time again — to improve engagement metrics and increase conversion rates. Eighty-nine percent of digital businesses are investing in personalization, according to a Forrester Report. As tools have evolved, the ways that we personalize content and the type of content that we can personalize has also changed. Larger marketing budgets are now being dedicated to personalization efforts given the ROI and effectiveness we’ve proven in the market.

Scaling personalization beyond a few use cases can be overwhelming and time-consuming, but we’ll explain how it can be made simpler through artificial intelligence. In fact, it’s never been easier to understand consumers and create personalized offers by adding AI capabilities on top of Acquia’s DXP platform.


Jonathan Weber
Director of Data Platforms
Jordan Keddington
Director of Digital Strategy