How Data Management Helped Take a Tech Startup from 2 Guys and a Dog to a Multi-Billion $ Exit


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This event occurred on Wed, Feb 19, 2020

AWS Offices, Irvine Spectrum Center, 40 Pacifica, Irvine

Bounteous, EnterWorks, and AWS presented breakfast with Cleve Adams, a serial CEO and inspirational business leader. Cleve shared the story of the growth and subsequent IPO and exit of Websense, now Forcepoint. As a co-founder and five-time CEO, Cleve spent over 20 years in senior management, leading four companies to acquisitions, and raising capital from tier-one venture capital firms.

As an award-winning founder, conference speaker, and industry contributor, Cleve helps coach leaders through his own experiences coming from a non-technical background in a high tech industry. Cleve’s own story is one of combining operational excellence, sales, and marketing expertise with internal talent and external partners to deliver a high-quality experience that will resonate across all verticals.