General Assembly - Tech Careers for Non-Engineers


Join Bounteous Content Strategy Director Paul McAleer, Choozle People Operations Director Emma Bindbeutel, Clique Studioes UX Lead Seeon Kim, OrthoFi Product Director Marc Singer, and Convercent Director of CX Emily Witt for a discussion lead by industry experts on navigating the tech landscape.

They'll discuss careers in Product Management, Account Management, UX Design, Content Strategy, and People Ops. You will walk away with a better understanding of what it takes to land your next role and advice on how to do it.


  • Exposure into different roles
  • Tips on how to how to get into those roles
  • Actionable advice from experts on how to tackle the career shift

Event Details

Intimidated by the job hunt? Thinking of transitioning to tech, but worried you don't have enough technical experience? Taking charge of your career is hard and knowing what to do next is even harder.