Midwest Drupal Camp - Estimation: The Art of the SWAG

Speaker Session

Chris Greatens spoke during MidCamp 2020, presenting on Estimation: The Art of the SWAG. 

During this session attendees learned:

  • What an estimate is
  • Techniques to make you, your team, and your company better at estimating
  • How to use past estimates as guides to future estimates
  • How to communicate estimates
  • How various factors (size of projects, types of projects, etc)

This event has happened already

Midwest Drupal Camp (MidCamp) 2020 is the seventh annual Chicago-area event that brings together designers, developers, users, and evaluators of the open-source Drupal content management software. Attendees come for four days of presentations, professional training, contribution sprints, and socials while brushing shoulders with Drupal service providers, hosting vendors, and other members of the broader web development community.


Chris Greatens
SVP, Drupal and Commerce