2020 AEM Rock Star Submissions: A Peek Behind the Curtain


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This event occurred on Thu, Mar 26, 2020

Bounteous Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) enthusiasts provided a peek behind the curtain at three semifinalist submissions for AEM Rock Star 2020. During the webinar, our AEM Rock Star applicants shared the team's innovative, time-saving, and forward-looking solutions with the community.

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  • Bryan Williams, 2018 finalist and 2020 semifinalist featured AEM CF Extras, a soon to be open sourced project that is a collection of enhancements to out-of-the-box fields, several brand-new fields, helper classes, Sling Model Injectors, and, Bryan’s favorite, a dynamic GraphQL API.
  • Brett Birschbach, 2018 winner and 2020 semifinalist, shared AEM Assets/DAM Views, which severs the coupling of asset storage and asset navigation to allow the DAM structure to satisfy all users and use cases.
  • Laura Greiner, first-time submitter, and 2020 semifinalist provided a solution to interactive, in-store user experiences that can attract new and repeat customers using Beacons and AEM Screens.


Bryan Williams
Lead Architect
Brett Birschbach
SVP Adobe Practice