Webinar - From "Crawl" to "Walk" — Customizing Acquia Lift to Drive Value


Event Details

This event occurred on Tue, Jun 9, 2020

Eric Fullerton, Lead Product Evangelist at Acquia, Jon Meck, VP of Marketing at Bounteous, and Elvis Komskis, Senior Data Engineer at Bounteous, hosted a webinar overviewing an easier way to gain additional insight into your visitors to create and launch more impactful personalization by bringing two no-code solutions together—Lift, Acquia’s personalization solution, and Google Tag Manager.

In the webinar they covered:  

  • How to set up Acquia Lift (Acquia’s personalization solution) and implement tracking via Google Tag Manager to empower your “walk” personalizations
  • How to customize the information you collect in Acquia Lift with Google Tag Manager
  • The three key competencies required to bring personalization to life
  • How to build your personalization dream team



Jon Meck
SVP of Marketing