Webinar - Author, Publish, Maintain: Scalable Technical Knowledge Using XML Documentation


Bounteous Lead Architect Steven Carter and Adobe hosted a webinar providing crucial insight into an XML/DITA implementation solution through an explanation of industry best practices, platform tips and tricks, and firsthand partner accounts.

Adobe and Bounteous covered:

  • Ways to structure content at scale using configured components and template mapping
  • Workflow management & cost reduction through XML-based authoring
  • The value of providing consistent digital experiences across touchpoints

This event has happened already

Manufacturing and technology companies are particularly aware of the constantly evolving information in technical, training, and support documents. Maintaining institutional knowledge, keeping all of these documents current, and distributing to large audiences is a daunting task. When that information is not properly maintained, companies waste time reinventing and ultimately suffer from high head-counts, increased hard costs, and lost revenue.
The XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) provides a seamless, component-based structure to map high-volume, complex information at scale. 


Steven Carter
Principal Architect