DrupalCon Global 2020 - Ten Ideas for Personalization

Speaker Session

Jon Meck presented during DrupalCon Global 2020.

Whether you’ve heard the buzz or are actively customizing experiences for your site visitors, knowing what tactics and concepts to incorporate into your site designs and builds can set you up for success. In this session, Jon covered best practices around modular design, user messaging, content structure, taxonomy, and site setup. 

Attendees learned the questions to ask, the ideas to incorporate, and start down a path to personalization that can scale with your capabilities.

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DrupalCon Global will feature six keynotes, nearly 100 sessions, several industry and topical mini summits, sponsor presentations, birds of feather discussion groups, 1:1 networking opportunities, and other fun, interactive community content to keep you engaged and excited throughout the day!


Jon Meck
VP of Marketing