Pairing Advanced Attribution with Marketing Activation


Data Science and advanced attribution can power innovative marketing campaigns and drive results, but how do you know if your organization is ready for advanced attribution? What are the input requirements for data-driven marketing and programmatic activation? What role does segmentation play?

Bounteous tackled each question in a recent client project with OverDrive, the leading digital reading platform. That work is featured in this session. Join Bounteous experts Sasha Mushovic and Robert Travis along with Renee Bixler and Chris Moody, industry experts from OverDrive.

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Who Spoke?

  • Sasha Muschovic, Associate Director of Data Science, Bounteous
  • Robert Travis, Associate Director, Marketing Strategy, Bounteous
  • Renee Bixler, Director of Marketing Services, OverDrive, Inc.
  • Chris Moody, Manager, Business Systems and Analytics, OverDrive, Inc.

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Key Takeaways Include:

  • Learn how to utilize attribution to make marketing decisions
  • Understand the role of data science in advanced data segmentation and modeling
  • Know your options for using data in marketing campaigns and personalizations

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Sasha Mushovic
Senior Director, Data Science & Engineering
Robert Travis
Associate Director, Media Strategy