Acquia Personalization Workshop

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Designed to help mobilize a team that already has Acquia Personalization installed and needs to level-up their capabilities as a team, introducing both general testing and personalization concepts as well as specific tool instruction. This full-day virtual training accelerates adoption through hands-on practice and collaborative discussion and goal setting.

This session will teach marketers and analysts how to use Acquia Personalization along with testing and personalization best practices. All attendees will leave the course with their first personalization campaign planned and ready for launch.

Prior to training, attendees will receive instructions and materials for class. Please review our Technology page for instructions on using Zoom webinar software.

Event Details

Part 1: Acquia Personalization and Google Marketing Tools

Get the most out of existing platforms by learning how Google Tag Manager and Acquia Personalization are used to deliver the right content to the right audience segment. The most important part of website personalizations is making sure that only the correct people are included. In this section, we’ll cover best practices for targeting experiences.

This section will cover leveraging Google Tag Manager to collect custom user events and using those events to segment audiences. We’ll also cover how Google Tag Manager events inform Acquia Goals for personalization tracking.

Part 2: A/B Testing, Personalizations, & Prioritization

What makes a personalization campaign successful? We’ll cover methods and techniques that connect to greater business objectives. Brainstorm with a purpose by identifying KPIs that can be influenced by personalizations. Learn how to design personalizations and tests that drive revenue and results. Understand key settings that enable user segmentation and frequency capping.

We’ll cover reviewing and understanding testing and personalization reporting too. What are the values of conversion optimization? How can you best define personalization and testing goals? We’ll introduce the concepts of optimization and the theory behind it.

Part 3: Workshop and Practice

Our session concludes by outlining a series of personalization hypotheses that can be tested, setting the tests up in Acquia Personalizations, and collecting and configuring the data for the experiments. Our experts help you each step of the way and brainstorms are shared in a discussion group so that all can learn. Attendees will create draft personalizations that are ready to be reviewed with their teams. 

This workshop content can be combined with additional custom, hand-on training topics like digital analytics reporting and search advertising.