Adobe DITAWORLD 2020 Virtual Conference - XML Documentation for Scalable Technical Knowledge

Speaker Session
AdobeAdobe Experience Manager

Steven Carter hosted a session during Adobe DITAWORLD 2020.

The session focused on the XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) solution that provides a seamless, component-based structure to map high-volume, complex information at scale.

Attendees gained an understanding of a crucial XML DITA implementation solution through an explanation of industry best practices, platform tips and tricks, and a compelling F5 client success story outlining:

  • Ways to structure content at scale using configured components and template mapping
  • How to utilize the XML Documentation for AEM to generate pages and content
  • The importance of providing consistent digital experiences across touchpoints
  • How to provide a scalable foundation built on AEM best practices 
  • The ability to facilitate increased engagement by efficiently managing resources and improving the user experience 

This event has happened already

The fifth Adobe DITAWORLD Online Conference includes comprehensive programing with the world’s leading Technical Communication, Marketing, DITA, Content Management, and Content Strategy experts about DITA, Adobe FrameMaker, and Adobe’s DITA CCMS (XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager). 


Steven Carter
Principal Architect