Achieving Personalized Asset Navigation with DAM Views For Adobe Experience Manager Assets

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Watch our on-demand webinar as we reveal a personalized asset navigation system, DAM Views for AEM Assets. The session discusses boosting efficiency with AEM Assets and a successful IA strategy, how DAM Views for AEM Assets allows all stakeholders involved to have their recommended structure, and showcases a demo on how these functionalities work in action.

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In this webinar recording you will learn

  • The collaborative process and benefits of defining an information architecture (IA) and overall DAM structure
  • What DAM Views for AEM Assets is and how this solution can benefit all stakeholders involved in your DAM
  • How to implement a successful IA and DAM structure with the value add of the DAM Views for AEM Assets

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A successful digital asset management (DAM) system like Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets begins with a well-thought-out and comprehensive Information Architecture which improves asset velocity and overall speed to market. The preferred asset management structure of different stakeholders within a business is complex. Choosing a folder structure that caters to each specific business use case allows all stakeholders to have a unique structure for themselves.


Brett Birschbach
VP, AEM Engineering
Paul McAleer
Group Content Strategy Director