Webinar - How to Determine PXM Readiness in 10 Minutes


Join Bounteous and our Director of Data Management, Jean Bordelon, as he walks through how to determine your readiness for Product Experience Management (PXM) in 10 minutes.

As consumers continue to expect more from their online shopping experience, PXM has become an important component to consider in an eCommerce digital strategy. If you’re familiar with PXM, you'll understand it can require orchestrating several key platforms, including, PIM, CMS, CDP, CRM, and more. The first step to tackling PXM is understanding the current state of your digital maturity.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • A refresher on what exactly is PXM
  • How digital maturity impacts PXM
  • How to use Akeneo’s PXM Maturity Assessment tool