SMX - Losing Your Cookies: CCPA, The Cookiepocalypse, and IDFA Deprecation


Event Details

This event occurred on Tue, Dec 8, 2020

During Search Engine Land SMX Abby Matchett of Bounteous, Simon Poulton of Wpromote, and moderator Greg Sterling held a panel on "Losing Your Cookies: CCPA, The Cookiepocalypse, and IDFA Deprecation."

Attendees learned:

  • How to develop and deploy alternative methodologies for targeting and tracking in a post-IDFA world
  • More effective build consent-based customer relationships for long-term success
  • How to generate improved campaign outcomes and revenue across cookieless environments

To learn more on navigating the upcoming ban on cookies, we recommend reading Abby Matchett's blog "Google Chrome & Third-Party Cookies - What You Need to Know."


Abby Matchett
VP, Data Strategy