SMX - Losing Your Cookies: CCPA, The Cookiepocalypse And IDFA Deprecation


Tune in with Abby Matchett of Bounteous, Simon Poulton of Wpromote, and moderator Greg Sterling of Search Engine Land during SMX!

Multiple tracking and attribution challenges are confronting the search marketing industry. Apple IDFA deprecation has been pushed back to 2021...but it’s coming. Third-party cookies will be entirely gone by 2022 and California’s CPRA will expand rights and obligations under CCPA. Join us for a discussion about these crucial issues and how marketers can respond to ensure campaign effectiveness and measurability.  

After this session, you'll be able to:

  • Develop and deploy alternative methodologies for targeting and tracking and in a post-IDFA world
  • More effectively build consent-based customer relationships for long-term success
  • Generate improved campaign outcomes and revenue across cookieless environments


Abby Matchett
Associate Director of Enterprise Analytics