SMX Report - Workshop: Google Tag Manager For Marketers And Analyst

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Samantha Barnes hosted a live, hands-on workshop during SMX Report that explored the why's, how's, and what-now's of working with Google Tag Manager—and how to lead the planning, testing, and execution of full implementation.

In this two day workshop, attendees learned how to:

  • Install Google Tag Manager
  • Add various forms of media tags for conversion tracking
  • Leverage Google Tag Manager for CRO
  • Implement Google Analytics events to track user behavior in Google Analytics and Google Analytics 4
  • Set up tracking to collect custom content and user measurements

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About SMX Report

Search marketing is a science. It takes research, testing, and measurement to get it right. Successful marketers know that data-driven decisions are actionable only when sound analytics practices are at their foundation.

After attending SMX Report, you’ll be able to implement proven strategies and tactics for measuring search marketing success.


Samantha Barnes
Senior Director of Google Analytics