Discovering New Audiences with Google Marketing Platform and Customer Data Platforms


Shifts in browser technology and an increasing focus on user privacy mean that effective digital marketing requires better data than ever before. First-party data, the data a company collects, owns, and maintains, is now the key to unlocking real-time digital advertising messaging and personalized customer experiences. Companies must mature their data and marketing processes to fully harness first-party data.

Only 11 percent of companies effectively use a wide variety of data types to build a unified customer profile, according to Forrester. These same leading organizations are 2.5 times more likely to increase customer lifetime values as a result of unified data management.

Our session discussed how digital marketing programs can benefit from customer data platforms (CDPs). Creating digital maturity follows a predictable workflow. We shared our process and discussed how marketing tech like Google Marketing Platform integrates with a CDP to empower media and search marketing campaigns with curated data and insights that drive scalable results.

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Ryan Hurley
Senior Director, Media Strategy
Marc Infield
EVP, Technology