AMA International Collegiate Conference - ICC Digital Marketing Boot Camp

Virtual Event

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This event occurred on Wed, Apr 7, 2021 to Thu, Apr 8, 2021

The digital marketing boot camp at the AMA International Collegiate Conference was a two-day workshop that took attendees through an interactive session around digital marketing. The 2021 boot camp session was instructed by Zachariah Tabler.

This two-day session was all about building a strong foundation of digital marketing basics and exploring those focus areas. Attendees learned how to have smart conversations with recruiters, job interviewers, and key stakeholders at their first marketing roles.

Key Takeaways Included:

  • Understand how the best marketers think and how they set goals
  • Gain practical experience with a leading analytics platform
  • Know the role of Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization in driving traffic to a brand's website
  • Learn about A/B Testing and its many uses



Zach Tabler
Associate Director, Paid Search