DrupalCon North America 2021 - An Iterative Approach To Decoupling Your Existing Drupal Site With Gatsby

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This event occurred on Tue, Apr 13, 2021

While there are many advantages to decoupling the front-end of an existing Drupal site, any large-scale overhaul can be time-consuming and introduce risk. Taking an iterative approach can instead make it possible to prove that decoupling has clear value and also ensure that changes to the development, content editing, and deployment process fit the needs of your team.

This DrupalCon North America session outlined an iterative approach to decoupling Bounteous' existing Drupal site with Gatsby; starting with only two pages, but laying the groundwork for any page on the site to be rendered primarily by either React or Twig.

Learn more about the iterative approach to decoupling our team took in this article, Mini Case Study: An Iterative Approach to Decoupling Drupal.



Matthew Ramir
Lead Developer