Adobe Summit - Rethinking TiVo’s eCommerce Touchpoints to Scale at Speed!

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This event occurred on Wed, Apr 28, 2021


Adobe Summit Virtual Conference

TiVo is no stranger to innovation and has recently been focused on bringing consumers live, recorded, and streaming TV together in one premium experience. To support this, TiVo partnered with Bounteous to build a leading media marketplace for consumers, using Adobe Commerce (powered by Magento) and Adobe Experience Manager. TiVo replatformed and reinvented their online commerce experience, driving increased leads, attracting additional prospects, and ultimately delivering sales.

TiVo and Bounteous presented during Adobe Summit discussing Adobe Commerce's role as the backend commerce engine and integration center point to support a streamlined experience for customers through Restful APIs, and GraphQL.

This session focused on:

  • Integrating Adobe Commerce with AEM, ERP (SAP, via a middleware), IdP+CRM (SalesForce).
  • Subscription payment platform for online entertainment with Sling TV.
  • A hybrid model of AEM for a headless commerce experience, and Magento for an indistinguishable checkout experience.
  • Take-away best practices for creating, launching, and sustaining a successful omnichannel commerce initiative