Decoupled Development & Preston So's POV


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This event occurred on Wed, Aug 25, 2021

We joined forces with Preston So August 25 to tackle decoupled architecture and hear his predictions for the industry. Register now to attend!

Why should developers, content editors, and designers all pay close attention to decoupled Drupal? We teamed up with Preston, author of the comprehensive book on decoupledDrupal, for a wide-ranging conversation about how to work on Drupal for the future.

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As we've seen growing budgets dedicated to digital transformation, we reviewed an approach that enables the most flexibility from the start and helps us tailor solutions to our client's business that can be adjusted over time as new requirements and capabilities surface.

In this webinar, we covered:

  • Why decoupled and headless architectures are the future
  • How teams are continuously pushing the boundaries of traditional decoupled builds
  • What's next in the space



Preston So
Preston So
Senior Director, Product Strategy, Oracle
Scott Weston
Senior Director, Drupal Engineering
Wade Stewart
Associate Principal Developer