DrupalCampNYC 2021 - Is Decoupled Drupal Right for You?

Virtual Event

Join Le'Rhone Walker during DrupalCampNYC for a session on Drupal approaches!

As consultants, we are often asked to recommend the best approach for building a Drupal site. The answer, as with many questions is, it depends. For some clients, the best choice is to build a traditional, coupled Drupal website. For other clients, it makes sense to build a completely decoupled solution using Drupal as the backend. And for others, the best solution is somewhere in between.

Many factors determine which is the best approach for a particular client and their situation. Join Le'Rhone for this session as he reviews some key questions you can ask yourself to help pick the right Drupal solution for your organization.


Le'Rhone Walker
Senior Director, Acquia Development