Attentive SMS + Restaurants Webinar With Bounteous+Hathway and Radar


Event Details

This event occurred on Wed, Apr 20, 2022

Customers are hungry to engage with their favorite restaurant brands where they are already browsing for their next meal. For restaurants, SMS has become an essential two-way communications channel to connect with diners to drive repeat purchases, online orders, and loyalty sign-ups.

During this webinar experts from Attentive, Bounteous+Hathway, and Radar discussed how to:

  • Compliantly convert your existing traffic into first-party opt-ins
  • Use SMS to convert subscribers into repeat diners
  • Measure and benchmark against best-in-class SMS programs
  • Use location-based targeting to send special offers via text

Speakers included:

  • Amir Zamanian, General Manager, Food, Beverage, and Restaurants, Attentive
  • Ellen Green, Vice President of Growth Marketing, Bounteous+Hathway
  • Nick Patrick, CEO and Co-Founder, Radar


Ellen Green
VP, Loyalty Strategy