How to Use Data to Drive Marketing Strategy and Streamline Processes


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This event occurred on Thu, Jun 23, 2022

Marketers’ ability to rely on third-party data is diminishing and organizations are increasingly interested in how they can use first-party customer data to drive their marketing efforts. While there are technologies to help support your first-party data, having technology is not sufficient. For companies looking to communicate effectively with customers and prospects across touchpoints, the first step is to put the right processes in place to drive value from your first-party data. In this webinar, experts from Bounteous and Acquia discuss how marketers can use customer data to drive marketing strategy and streamline processes across various levels of maturity.

Watch to learn:

  • What technologies you should consider at different levels of maturity
  • How you can adapt your organization and processes as you evolve and increase in maturity in personalization marketing based on data and your ability to automate
  • Basic applications of first party data you can use to shape your audiences into complex customer journeys based on communications that leverage predictive modeling

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Jonathan Weber
SVP, Data & Analytics
Meagen Williams
Meagen Williams
VP Professional Services, Acquia