Acquia Engage: Co-Innovating The Patient Experience with Headless Drupal

Speaker Session

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This event occurred on Wed, Oct 26, 2022

Birdi entered the market in 2021 as a new brand with a fresh perspective on healthcare; a digital pharmacy that would make home delivery faster, easier and more affordable than ever. 

To realize these ambitious goals, Birdi + Bounteous chose Acquia, Drupal, and a headless composable architecture. It’s a flexible solution that we, at Bounteous, trust for our customers.

During the keynote, Bounteous and Birdi leaders showcased how teams, regardless of industry, can provide simplified, frictionless, customer-centered experiences. Specifically, they dove into how these experiences can deliver on brand promises and provide rich data and insights for continuous experience enhancement.

Here’s what we discussed:

  • What it means to put the customer/consumer/patient at the center of your efforts.
  • The value of a headless/composable solution to deliver meaningful digital experiences across your ecosystem.
  • What you need from your teams and from your agency partners to extract the most value of your Acquia/DXP investment.

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Dave Mankowski
Chief Growth Officer
Le_Rhone Walker
VP Technology, Healthcare
John Celona
John Celona
VP of Digital Innovation & eCommerce, Peoni Health