From Friction to Freedom: The Story of Birdi's Digital Transformation with Drupal


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This event occurred on Wed, May 10, 2023

In a world where consumers expect a digital experience that is as convenient and easy as buying a t-shirt, Birdi set out on a mission to create a better, more holistic digital pharmacy experience for its customers. Historically, ordering and purchasing prescriptions have been complicated and time-consuming for consumers. Birdi wanted to improve the customer experience and meet the needs of its customer segments by offering a fast, easy, and affordable way to purchase medications, including free shipping and a digital medicine cabinet to track fulfillment.

Watch this webinar to learn how Birdi partnered with Bounteous and leveraged Drupal and Acquia to launch a frictionless, agile, and reliable digital platform that improved, simplified, and optimized the customer experience.


  • Dive into how Birdi transformed the digital pharmacy experience to be fast, easy, and affordable for customers
  • Learn how Birdi used Drupal and Acquia to launch a reliable digital platform that improved the customer experience
  • Gain insights into how Birdi met the needs of different customer segments with personalized services and a digital medicine cabinet.
  • Understand how Birdi's digital transformation improved customer satisfaction, retention, and operational efficiency.
  • How Birdi’s framework can be applied to other verticals


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Chris Greatens
SVP, Open Platforms
Le_Rhone Walker
VP Technology, Healthcare
Tami Pearlstein
Tami Pearlstein
Principal Product Marketing Manager, Acquia