Adobe Summit 2024 - Coca-Cola: Unlocking Data to Create Consumer-Centric Commerce Experiences

Speaker Session

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This event occurred on Wed, Mar 27, 2024

How do you navigate the sea of consumer data to personalize ecommerce and marketing touchpoints for every consumer, every time?

In this session, Vinay Gopinath, Director of Global Martech Platforms, alongside Bounteous & Adobe, shared Coca-Cola’s blueprint that set a clear personalization strategy, building a strong data foundation, and delivers hyper-targeted commerce & marketing experiences for your customers. Attendees learned to: 

Create a robust personalization strategy 
Drive revenue, engagement, and retention using ecommerce and marketing touchpoints 
Analyze the impact of personalization, iterating for continuous improvement 


Kevin Haag
VP, Customer Data Platforms
Vinay Gopinath
Vinay Gopinath
Director Global Adtech/Martech Platforms, Coca-Cola
Rohan Bhatt
Rohan Bhatt
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Commerce