Bounteous Contributes to Forrester Report:
"Ten Ways to Get the Most Out Of Your Adobe Investment"

Customer experience platforms like Adobe are a significant investment for any company. Even sophisticated organizations can struggle to realize the full potential for customer engagement after investing in the software.

Forrester recently interviewed Bounteous (formerly HS2 Solutions) for research on Ten Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Adobe Investment. The report covers how Bounteous and other companies have navigated the Adobe stack to avoid classic pitfalls, with the most important being embracing change management.

Our key takeaways from the report include:

  • Focus on long-term value. The most successful organizations not only make strategic investments in enterprise software; they ensure that their people, processes, and platforms are aligned with delivering long-term value.
  • Solid upfront strategy and planning are essential. Time spent early on will help avoid costly delays in implementation and can guide priorities. Set current analytics baselines before beginning new implementations, and take time to assess and address your company's capacity for major transformation.
  • Experience matters. Whether you are considering or have already purchased part of the Adobe Cloud, take advantage of lessons learned by working with an experienced solutions provider, like Bounteous. Our guidance on which products to implement and when, as well as our deep technical skills, can save you time and money on your Adobe implementation.

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