Drive Incremental Digital Revenue

Increase Your Digital Revenue

Powered by machine learning, the NomNom Recommendation Engine unleashes the power of focused AI on product recommendations, turning your customer data into a powerful recommendation engine to increase sales and improve conversion.

Case Study: Noodles & Company

Through a comprehensive multivariate experiment, the Bounteous Data Science team identified the optimal model to improve ROI across Noodles & Company’s web platform. The results were significant.

Recommendations with Results

By applying machine learning to your customer data, Bounteous can provide a better recommendation experience that delivers real results.

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At Noodles, we're always looking for ways to optimize and remove friction from our digital ordering experience. Utilizing machine learning is a natural next step for us as we replace outdated human-driven rule engines with more efficient and effective technology.

Stacey Pool

CMO, Noodles & Company

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