When Did You Last Look At Your Unpopular Pages?


November 11, 2005

Today I did lots of really tedious work on an e-commerce site. The kind of work that I like to pay my 14-year-old $10/page to do.

I was working on parts of a site that aren’t as well-traveled as other more popular (and profitable) areas. I found all sorts of little problems — products that were accidentally duplicated but had different names. Product titles on category pages that changed when you landed on the product page. Category pages with too many choices, most of which never resulted in a sale (or so said my big expensive web analytics package.)

When was the last time you had a pair of fresh eyes look at the less popular pages of your site? Remember – if you aren’t a big name like Amazon, you need to constantly build trust with the visitor. One of the biggest ways to undercut trust is to have a site that doesn’t look trustworthy – broken links, typos, mistakes, all sorts of products thrown together helter skelter.

Maybe you can pay your 14-year-old to bring a fresh pair of eyes to your site.