More On Mozilla

December 1, 2005

Earlier this week, Marketing Sherpa did a great piece on the importance of ensuring that your site and all the widgets on your site, like calculators, work with Firefox. They pointed out that 20% of their visitors use Firefox (and about 17% of Lunametrics visitors use Firefox.) So I dutifully downloaded it to check out my site and my customers’ sites, and became a convert immediately.

I know, most of you types have been using it forever, but I was doing the IE thing because it was easy. Firefox, I learned, is way faster. There really is a downside, though – not everything works. For example, there was a little tool that I used to love to use when I helping customers do email marketing. You typed in your “subject” and “from” lines, and it shows you how they render in different email programs. But it doesn’t work with Firefox. Ditto for my own statistics!

Maybe open source hasn’t taken over the world quite yet, but it’s coming. Is your site Mozilla friendly?