Where Conversion Meets Email Marketing

December 08, 2005
By Robbin Steif

Just because this post is about email marketing, don’t think it’s off topic. I try hard to write only about conversion.

Before I sent out my email newsletter yesterday, I personally (i.e. not a blast) wrote all the people who might be interested in being on my list and said, “Are you interested? Here are the details. Don’t be embarrassed to say no, we are all busy people.” Of course, a few people didn’t reply, but those who answered said “Yes!” and usually thanked me for asking first.

So I sent out the newsletter (it was on the topic of scent)… and one recipient, who had heard me speak at a seminar, called me up to ask me to do a project. Send me a contract today, she said.

I learned three things. 1) It never hurts to be polite (my mother taught me that one a long time ago) 2) It never hurts to ask and 3) Remember to keep touching the customer in subtle ways. Conversion comes through lots of different channels.

Robbin Steif, CEO