Web Analytics And Semi‑vacations


December 21, 2005

It’s not really vacation yet (unless you started yours early.) But the phone isn’t ringing and inboxes are only filled with electronic greeting cards. What a great time for web analytics — time to do all those things you really want to get at.

I am still awed at the number of people who have 125 page reports for analytics. I train my customers (and myself!) to look at their dashboards every day — not their 125 page reports. Who has time for that? I run exception reports (now, how many people did touch “About Us” before they saw the “Thank You for Your Order page?”) all the time, and then I report selectively. And I look at my dashboards.

Last night, I created a press release for some conversion rate successes that one of my customers has been having. The CEO read the release and wrote back, “What are KPIs?” I had to laugh at that one — I had created an atmosphere where dashboards were “business as usual” in such a big way that he didn’t even know they had a fancy name.

So this is a great opportunity. You can go out into the conference room and eat more chocolate or spend a few minutes creating Key Performance Indicators. Put them into a dashboard that you look at every day. If you know that you’ll forget, have it emailed to you daily. If you don’t know how to do it, send me email and I’ll try to help you.