Come Hear Me Speak At The E‑Metrics Summit

March 8, 2006

Are you going to the e-Metrics Summit? Not the one in Santa Barbara (it’s sold out already.) This year, there will be a second, bigger US summit in Washington DC, October 16-18. If you register now, you get the double early bird discount, I’m told. I’m speaking on Marketing for Techies (Marketing 101), but I’m sure that everyone at that time will be in the Tech-speak for Marketing-types seminar. My readership is international so I should point out that there is a London seminar in there somewhere, too.

Actually, I think the marketing vs. IT problem is the second biggest problem we have in web analytics. The biggest problem is that we analysts worry how to make our analytics talk to our CRM, or we worry about installing our getQueryParam code while our potential customers still say, “Now, tell me again, what are web analytics?”