How Many Pages Does Your Website Have?

March 9, 2006

I’m working with my best friend on the redesign of a site – it’s her customer and her business, I’m just doing the web analytics and SEO. Today I was on the phone with her going through all the old pages, and she kept stopping me. “Where do you see all those pages?” she asked.

I wasn’t clicking around – I’m much too lazy for that. Instead, I use Yahoo’s Site Explorer, which is still in beta.




I haven’t found a definitive resources that shows all the pages of a site. The Google command, site: is also very helpful for this purpose, and like Yahoo, only shows you about how many pages you have. But Site Explorer is more feature-rich than Google. It enables you to look only at the domain itself ( or at all the subdomains too ( It also enables you to specify partial domains so that you find out everything that is in a certain part of your site. For example, I could enter for our site and get the main conversion rate page as well as all the pages that are in the conversionrate index — if Yahoo indexes them.

You can learn more about Yahoo Site Explorer. I’ll write about Google SiteMaps on a future occasion.