Measuring Buzz For Your Topic

March 12, 2006

Recently, I subscribed to BlogPulse Analytics. (Well, ok. I haven’t handed them the $24/year it will cost me to be a real subscriber. But I will.)

Anyway, BlogPulse has a number of free analytic tools that anyone can use to find out what kind of buzz is going on among bloggers. Need to know about the buzz on Mark Warner vs. Hillary Clinton? (After all, Warner was on the front cover of today’s NYTimes Magazine.) Put each of their names into the BlogPulse Trend Search and Get Trend. Here’s what you see:

So, I want to know how the blogosphere handles web analytics. The first time I did the trend report, I found there were two big peaks: when Google brought out its free Google Analytics in November ’05, and when Google purchased MeasureMap in February ’06. I tried to correlate Google Analytics with web analysis the way that I did the same correlation on Mark Warner and Hillary Clinton but found that the buzz for Google Analytics was so many hundreds of percent higher than the buzz on just web analytics that the web analytics line was reduced to an almost straight line on the bottom of the graph. Instead, then, I did a correlation of web analytics and MeasureMap:

Notice that web analytics has its peak in November, with the Google Analytics announcement. It hits the smaller February peak with the Measure Map announcement (probably for posts that include both the terms “Measure Map” and “Web Analytics”) but the yellow Measure Map line is off the charts (no pun intended) in February, for all those posts that include just the Measure Map name (and no reference to web analytics.)

Anyway, use the tool for your own purposes and enjoy.